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Working Woman

Welcome to -Mamahasdreams

A place for professional mamas with dreams

 I’m so happy you're here! Mamahasdreams is a blog, a club and a foremost a place where mamas around the world can share their stories, challenges and successes with one another. I started Mamahasdreams as a blog to share my personal experience of how pregnancy and its stigma reflected on my career and life. This then turned into an idea to have a place where we all can share our stories and learn from one another. There are many women in the world, who juggle between both professional careers and their families, while doing an incredible job at both.

This is a woman's club.

This is a place where we listen, learn and gain strengths to move forward when needed.

Something about me: 

I am a hard-working, ambitious woman in her late 20s living in a foreign country and a someone for whom a career means a lot. I believe that as human beings we constantly need to learn, gain new experience and also get to know our surroundings. I enjoy yoga, animals, travel, sports and Mamahasdreams is for anyone who would like to be surrounded by hard working professional mothers.

There are many topics that we as women, mothers avoid talking about just because of social stigmas or from fear of not being accepted and understood. Living abroad without my childhood friends and without family can sometimes feel lonely and trying to be the best of ourselves for our kids but also at our workplaces bring a lot of challenges to our day-to-day. 

Therefore, I hope that my stories and this blog will be a place for you to feel good and share your own stories with other women like us. 

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