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Mother and Daughter Love



I originally started mamahasdreams as a way to document the precious but also challenging moments of pregnancy in the 21st century. I simply couldn't believe how unprepared I was for being pregnant and a big part of the reason why is  - our today's society.  Despite the fact that women have been fighting for equality for years

and despite of so many of us working full time and building up our careers, leaning in and stepping up the ladder, there simply wasn't enough material to read and educate myself for what was going to happen and how all those changes would impact my day-to-day professional life.

Almost everywhere I looked, YouTube, books, Instagram, everyone only spoke about how magical this time is and how all those incredible things are going to happen to you and to your body. But what if you don't consider all the nausea and the changes magical? What if you want to have a family, raise this little human being but don't get over-excited about the fact how it makes you feel and how it might impact your future career. What if you are just no okay with the stigma and with people saying "it will stop your career for a while but it's gonna be for a good reason". What if you want to raise your daughters in a world, where those types of sentences are really in the past. And make no mistake, it is up to use women, mothers-to-be, mothers and our spouses to ensure that.

Feminism tends to have a negative connotation and I don't consider myself to be one. But I do want to continue advancing in my career and I want to be given an equal chance to do so, while raising my daughter in a world, where she won't even have to think twice whether to dream big or start a family. A world in which it will be okay to choose whether to be a stay at home mum or a full time working mum without anyone's opinions and prejudices. Therefore, I am creating mamahasdreams club, where women can share their stories but also a place where we can learn from each other and support one another while having it both - families and successful careers.

Join our club by signing up and let's get together! 

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