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Life Hacks

Hi Mamas! On this page you can find some tips and tricks that I learned and would like to share with you.

Read below for pregnancy, motherhood and more tips below:

Quick Tips

Baby Clothes

Do not buy any or many baby clothes in NB size. Buy 0.3 months size.  Your baby might be born bigger than you originally thought and the NB size is usually good only for the first couple of days. 

Plus you can always buy NB if needed once your baby is born. 

Is your baby too hot?

When checking a temperature of your baby, do not check their hands or feet - those will always be cold. Instead, check their eg tummy to see if your baby is too hot or cold.

Getting your milk flow started

Power pumping is the secret! If you are experiencing troubles with your milk flow right after the birth ( I know it can be frustrated), use the technique called power pumping and you will see results very quickly. For this do not forget to bring your pump to the hospital so you can start right away if needed. 

Baby carrier 

I've got Ergo Omni 360 and I have to tell you that the fact that it has a sun protection cover for head is the best feature ever!!! I call it a breadcrumbs protection ;)

No blankets! 

Do not forget that it's dangerous to cover your baby with a blanket as they can accidentally kick the blanket up and suffocate themselves. Instead use sleeping bag.

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