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Covid-19 and Week 36

Yep, that happened!

Until now (Feb 2022), I have not been infected with Covid, despite the fact that I have been traveling around the world, going to the office, meeting with friends and even going to the bars and restaurants.

Since Omicron hit in December 2021, I stopped (as did many people) going to the office. Together with my husband, we decided that from week 38 on, neither of us will go to the office or meet friends to ensure that we won't have Covid during my labor. However, comes week 36 and suddenly I started to feel unwell. At the end of my first trimester, I got the booster shot so I was sure that even if I get Covid it will be only with some mild symptoms. I was wrong.

Covid hit my like a wave in Nazare. For the first four days I was barely able to stand up from the couch and everything hurt. My back, muscles, teeth (omg they hurt so bad) and I could feel my lungs through the dry cough and was sneezing non-stop ( I mean non-stop. If you are familiar with these big Kleenex tissue boxes, I went through one and a half each day - not very cost efficient)

After those four days I have started to feel better, came back to work (WFH only) but I still had symptoms such as coughing, fatigue and sneezing. Overall, it felt like a strong flue and I was lucky enough to have it before and not during the labor.

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