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Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Cravings..haven't we all wondered at least at some point in our life, what kind of cravings we will have once pregnant? My mum had a craving, which made her eat a raw pastrami with pickles and smarties...Yep! And there are some crazier ones too.

We all hear stories, where husbands/ partners are sent out in the middle of the night to buy jars of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

I haven't had any cravings until approx. month 8 of my pregnancy. This was the month, when my baby bump started to grow rapidly too.

So cravings...for me it was oranges....

How healthy you might think! Well, it still hasn't stopped me from gaining 20 Kg! (but of course I can't blame that all on oranges ;) )

I could eat 5 oranges a day and the only thing that would stop me was me actually finishing all the oranges we had at home. To be more specific, I didn't crave orange juice. As part of my craving, I would cut each orange to half and then simply drink the juice out of each piece. (My husband wasn't a very big fan of it..probably not the most pleasant sound and visual ever haha)

On top of the oranges, there was one more thing I enjoyed eating more than before and there were a few that I just couldn't stand.

A white fish - I have always liked fish but it has never been something that I would crave too much. However, already early on in my pregnancy I felt that I do not want to eat Salmon at all and so I reached for an alternative. Every time I ate fish, I could feel my little girl moving, almost dancing inside. She loved the taste!!!

Few things I didn't crave at all / barely or did not eat at all:

- meat

- chocolate ( I ate but it wasn't as tasty as before)

- watermelon (again didn't enjoy it as much as before)

- salmon ( as mentioned above)

- coffee (at first I tried but since it never stayed in, around the week 14 I gave up on this treat)

Now, let's talk briefly about ice-cream. I know that ice-cream is the most common craving in pregnancy. While, I haven't craved ice-cream I did eat a lot of it because of the heartburn. Maaaaan the heartburn was crazy! It can make you feel like your throat is on actual fire! And for that the only thing that helped me was milk, frozen yogurt or an ice cream (at the beginning menta flavored chewing gums were helpful too)

So while, everyone has his own experience and you may or may not have to experience any cravings at all - this is my story.

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