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Is there a heartbeat?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Following the scary visit to the medical sister, I now had 3 weeks to wait until finding out if there is a heartbeat. In general I can say that the first 14 weeks are the longest ones. They are the longest ones cause there is a plenty of uncertainty and no real ultrasounds or checks that you do until the first major screening which is usually done around the week 14. (or at least in Israel)


From week 4 until week 7 my tummy started to be bloated. As a person, who was 48kg before the pregnancy, I immediately saw changes on my body, and it was not just the bloated tummy.

It was during this time that we were going for a short vacation to Greece (week 6 and 7). However, before the vacation we were advised to try and see if my OB GYN can see us and check the heartbeat. Since there was no appointment available so last minute, I went to the emergency women clinic. I went while in week 6, which many doctors don’t recommend to do, as sometimes you wont see a heartbeat just yet since it might be too early. So I prepared myself for all options. When the ultrasound check started, I could feel all my muscles tensed. I was scared. Luckily and fortunately for us, the doctor already detected a heartbeat and congratulated us on expecting a baby.

Traveling in the first trimester:

In general, if you are a person, who doesn’t suffer from nausea while pregnant, then this a good time for you to travel (but be careful and travel to only those places that are save for pregnant women and don’t overdo it.) For me, it wasn’t such a great time to travel. I started to feel extremely tired so the evenings were short and mornings were late. The summer heat of Greece wasn’t the best thing either and lastly I felt nauseous all the time, which did not allow me to enjoy the vacation as much as I would like to. Oh and don’t forget about all the Feta cheese you can’t eat when pregnant. So no Greek cousine for me.

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