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Being a mom is hard. It's hard physically and it's hard emotionally. Actually it's hard on all the dimensions that it can be hard on. We are trying our best, doing our best day by day 24/7 and still we feel like we don't do enough. We are constantly afraid of damaging our little ones and even though we know that no parents are perfect, we are aiming to be just that. We are facing social stigmas and judgements from all around - 'are you breastfeeding?', 'don't let her/ him to fall asleep only on your arms', 'oh honey, you need to take care of yourself too', 'the house is messy', or 'you shouldn't do it that way but this way'. Being a mom is hard.

I have always appreciated moms but never understood the extend of how much we should all appreciate one another and appreciate every mom or a dad who are fully involved in raising a child. As a friend of mine once said "it's not that difficult to pop out a child, but it's incredibly difficult to raise one", and that is an absolute truth.

The days go by quickly and no matter how "good" or "easy" the day was, you still end up being so tired that you won't even have the energy to sit down and talk at the end of it.

Each week will teach you new things and show you how there are so many others that you don't know yet.

Your baby will develop at the speed of light and what worked yesterday will not work today and don't let me even start about putting them down to sleep.

My daughter's daily response to that is ....

Being a mom is hard and being a mom without the support of your family and childhood friends can make it even more challenging. I am lucky to have such an amazing people around me on top of which I found a group of English speaking moms living in Israel, where we all try and help each other, share the knowledge that we've accumulated through different classes or via other friends. I highly recommend you to find your own mamas too, it can make whole lot of a difference having someone else going through the same / similar experience.

Being a mom is hard cause it means, you won't have time to cook and the biggest culinary experience will be the new chocolate flavor that you get to taste. Being a mom is hard cause it will make you appreciate all those times you showered and could put your hair mask on any time you wanted. Being a mom is hard cause pregnancy will leave some permanent marks on your body and soul and the recovery time might be longer than you thought. Being a mom is hard cause me, while your significant other continues to be his own boss and eat lunch whenever he likes to, you eat, sleep, shower when it suits to the baby (and it probably won't be every 3 hours). Brushing teeth or having a shower in general will be your new " spoiling time".

Being a mom is definitely the hardest job in the world and not because its so time consuming and demanding but mainly because of its extensive responsibility. For the first time ever, the things you do directly impact another human being and you know you have to get it right (or as much as you can) in order for this little thing to have the best childhood ever.

Being a mom is hard but I wouldn't take it back even for a second and I cannot wait to see my little girl grow, see myself making mistakes (and there are definitely going to be plenty of them) and enjoying every moment we have together.

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