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The third trimester saga

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The main question that I want to focus on in this post is "If the third trimester is really that difficult?"

Hmmm, yes but I guess the level of difficulty differs from person to person. For me (up until the week 36), the first trimester was much more challenging than the third, due to the constant nausea, throw ups, fatigue and all the changes my body was going through.

While, the third trimester is with no doubts challenging, I haven't felt like the back pain, swollen legs and the constant bio breaks would be making it too hard. The reasons why the third trimester turned out to be challenging for me were the following:

  1. I want to sleep!!! I am telling you that I have literally not slept for a whole night for the past 7-8 months now!!! Since very early on, I couldn't sleep through the whole night due to the constant bio breaks and things haven't gotten easier since.

I use Apple Watch to track my sleep and as you can see there isn't even one night that would be fully green without any interruptions. At this later stage into my pregnancy, even if it's not waking up in order to go to the bathroom, it's either the back pain, ribs pain or legs pain. So... Sleep please and possibly on my belly please!


2.Stretch marks - up until week 34 I had no stretch marks whatsoever and my pregnancy bump was relatively small. In general, until the 7th month of pregnancy, only those who knew me well could see that I was pregnant. (The rest probably thought I have been drinking too much of beer)

However, everything changed after the week 34. My bump started to grow so rapidly that suddenly all those stretch marks would appear across it...on all sides and they are very visible.

It's not an easy thing to see your body being torn and marked like this. Even though it is a natural part for most women during pregnancy, it still hurts to see it in the mirror. I have had many days during which my I would feel down and anxious because of the way my body suddenly looked like. For many of us, it's a part of our overall self-confidence and after months of not having my highlights done, not being able to do sport (and being lazy), not being as active in general as I used to be and gaining those 20 kilos has impacted greatly the way I perceive myself today. It shouldn't but it did. I felt like I lost all my confidence and days haven't been always easy.

But wait, aren't there some creams that you can use to diminish the impact of stretch marks? Yes, there are! But they didn't help me one bit!

I have been using both oils and creams to prevent stretch marks and later on to treat them but honestly nothing seems to work. For now, (week 38) I decided to keep doing my best and will see the types and options for treatments once our little girl is born.

See my photo at the beginning of pregnancy, throughout and at the end of the pregnancy (don't judge!)

Week 5

Week 36

Creams and Oils I used for stretch-marks are:

  • Welledaa - Anti-stretch mark oil - buy here

  • SebaMed - Anti-stretch mark cream - buy here


3. Oh my ribs! She is kicking and kicking. I am not sure if this is having such a strong impact on me because I am relatively a small person or why but my ribs are in total pain. It hurts to lay down on either one of the sides for more than a few minutes and then once I wake up in the morning, I feel like someone has literally beaten me up. How can such a small human being, cause so much pain?! Is she like a Hulk or something?


4. Have you ever felt like being on fire? Heartburn! If you have ever experienced a heartburn, you know that its an uncomfortable feeling. But pregnancy heartburn is a whole new level. The heartburn that you experience in pregnancy takes you back to the 17th century, to when witches were being burned alive.

Genuinely, this is how it feels. Or like if you were a dragon about to breathe fire. I think the first time I experienced a serious heartburn was sometimes around 7 months into my pregnancy and since I did not want to opt for medication, I looked for some alternative ways to get rid off it. The things that were partially helping me were: frozen yogurt, milk, chewing gums (with no sugar) and falling asleep on the left side. But even that no always helped, however as one of my friends said "one day she just woke up and the heartburn was gone" (it was after she gave birth but at least we know that there is gonna be an end to it).

So again, the third trimester is indeed difficult but I despite all of the above, I cannot say it's the hardest one for me. Except of the above mentioned, I do suffer from back pain, leg pain, insomnia, hippopotami syndrome (that's the one where you can't get out of bed in other way than just rolling to the side) and others but as I mentioned above, the psychological impact of all those body changes and the waiting have been the hardest for me. In terms of the waiting, A small note - I have not been taking any maternity leave prior to the due date as I would rather be distracted than focus on "Are we there yet?" 24/7 - in todays WFH times its much easier to stay at work even in those advance stages of pregnancy.

Oh and I forgot to mention - I made a song for our little girl! It's pretty catchy and it goes like this:

"I want you out out out.

Get out now now now,

cause I want you out out now."

Guess I can call myself a real composer of lullabies now.

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