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It's E.A.S.Y

It's definitely not easy to be a mother / a parent but this isn't the kind of EASY I had in mind.

It's been 7 weeks since our little girl was born. It's been 7 weeks since I felt like a hot-air balloon who was about to take 10 people for a ride. And it's been approx 30 weeks since I slept through the night. Sleep is overrated.

What a useful meme, isn't it? :)

The EASY I had in mind stands for Eat- Activity - Sleep and You and it's a method for newborns and small babies that brings on some sort of a routine and a potentially easier life for their parents.

I cannot express enough the difficulty of nights, when our little Sophie was crying and we simply didn't know what else to do cause we tried everything. At the beginning we thought that a newborn is like a tamagotchi. You know - you have 4 buttons with 4 potential options (diaper, burb, hunger and tiredness) and when she poops you clean, when she asks for food you feed, when she shows the signs of being tired you ZZZZZ her (for example by reading to her the Laws of Physics). But few weeks into the parenthood and Sophie thought us different.

So in order to stay sane, I started to practice with her the EASY method. It was everything but EASY. At first she would be falling asleep every time I breastfed her and the times between each feeding were approx 1.5 hour long only. Slowly I tried to wake her up (for example by changing her diaper) right after the feed, I would play with her for approx 40 minutes and then learning the signs of her tiredness I would start putting her to sleep. There seems to be a whole logic and tons of information into the babies "wake window" which allows you to know when the baby should play and when she / he should go to sleep. For Sophie is approx 1 -1.5hour after she wakes up and once we pass that window without her falling asleep she becomes grumpy and overtired.

And now, a few weeks into EASY, she sleeps well and we are getting a whole 8 hours of sleep at night.

Having applied this method, we started to read Sophie's signs better and it did allow my days to have a more structure. Having said that, every newborn is different and as I learnt - what works one day does not have to work the other.

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