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A love letter to my daughter

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

As a daughter I knew the power of love between mother and her daughter. It is a different love. The kind that represents warmths, need, expectations and many different kinds of emotions. The kind that is unique. Now, I am lucky enough to be a mother myself and experience the mother - daughter love the opposite way and there is so much I can say about it. It's magical! It something that I have never experienced before (obviously) and it's something that I want to feel for the rest of my life....

My dear baby girl, I love you to the moon. From the moment you were born, I felt the urge to protect you at all cost and guide you through this wicked place called the Earth. As Calum Scott sings, I would climb every mountain for you and swim every ocean just to be with you. Mother - daughter love is the kind of love that is truly unconditional. Despite the enormous exhaustion and even on days when you pull my hair stronger than the worst kindergarden enemy would ever do - I love you in a way that only mothers can understand.

My dear baby girl, you are only 4 months old and I can see your personality traits developing (some of them you inherited from me - sorry in advance) and cannot wait to see you growing step by step. As Bruno Mars sings, you are perfect the way you are and there is nothing about you I would change. You are simply the best thing ever. I remember the moment you were born and screamed from the shock. (Honestly to be born and miss the breakfast hours, I would cry to.. ) You still have the same cry and weirdly, each time I hear you cry it warms my heart cause I know that you are ours and we have had quite a journey together already.

My dear baby girl, every time you give me your teeth-less smile, the world stops and I think about what a great toothpaste for elderly people commercial material you could be. You are the only person in the world, who does not need to have teeth in order to have a beautiful smile. (and who doesn't scare me when I see her in the middle of the night)

On the more serious note, you are everything I ever dreamed about and while you do not have many features yet, I cannot wait to teach you how to walk, talk, potty train you (cause diapers are expensive) and to be there for you whenever you need us. And while motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done, waking up next to you is the single best thing in this whole world.

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