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My journey through pregnancy - Hi Everyone!

I decided to write this blog during my first pregnancy because I felt like the way all the information were presented to me, was just in a very very very softened way of truth. From all around, you hear this mommies and people talking about pregnancy being the magical time, watching their happy faces on “moms to be” YouTube channels and I was so far from it. Even during the first weeks of my pregnancy I felt like someone just lied to me my whole adult life. Where is all the excitement, where is all the glow people talk about and why the hell am I feeling so terrible all the time. Yep, not just a morning sickness or morning nausea but a horrible 24 hours 7 days a week.

This blog will be an honest representation of my journey, the way it made me feel, the way my body changed and about how basically everything changed. While there are women whose pregnancy just doesn’t make them feel any different or who do not even know most of the time that they are pregnant, there are also women in the world (like myself) whose world is turned upside down from the early weeks on. And I think its important to talk about it. Its important to raise the awareness of the fact that despite of us wanting to have children and raise healthy and happy families, the journey is not always a plesant one.

In today's world, where the awareness of the importance for both women and men to live a happy and accepting life in bodies that they have no matter the shape or age is high, it is important to also speak the truth about pregnancy. In today's world where women are expected to work hard and have careers but then suddenly take a step back and focus on their children, it's important to speak about the role of our husbands, our co-workers and our sons.

Lastly I would like to point out that unlike many others, I did not grow up with small children around me. I live in a foreign country far from my family and best friends, who would normally be a big part of my pregnancy journey and help me even in the darkest of times. This is a journey of person, who is learning it all on the go, who wants to be a great mother but also a strong professional advancing in its career.

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