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Operation: "Let's get her out" officially started

Hey all!

So today I entered week 38th of pregnancy. So excited that soon it's gonna be over!

Starting week 38 means that if my baby is born today, she would no longer be considered a pre-term baby and therefore I am all about getting her out ASAP!

You can find tons of information and videos on Google or YouTube, where people talk about what kind of things are helpful when trying to induce labor.

Some of the ones that keep repeating themselves are:

- raspberry leaf tea

- spicy food

- long walks

- bouncing and exercises on your birthing ball

- sex

- exercise in general

- acupuncture

- acupressure

Here are my insights and experiences (currently still pregnant so I will update this article once I give birth to share which, if any one of those really helped to induce my labor)

  • I have started to drink a raspberry leaf tea in week 32 as recommend by our birth class doula. I started with one cup a day, and gradually increased the dosage to 5 cups a day. The tea itself tastes like a regular black tea and considering the fact that it's winter (February atm), it's very easy to stick to it however, no results seen yet.

  • Spicy food - I love spicy stuff! Due to the very strong heartburn I have been trying to avoid spicy food throughout my pregnancy ( I want to say throughout my second and third trimester but then in the first one I couldn't eat anything except of crackers and bread due to nausea. So it really has been the whole pregnancy) but I just started to add it to my diet today, so let's see :)

  • Long walks - I have been so lazy throughout the whole pregnancy. While before, I exercised 4-5 days a week, I have barely done anything in the past 9 months. However, considering the fact that I am 20kg up and that soon I am about to bounce back to my fitness routine in order to get healthy and fit again, I added walks to my days. So far, I think I feel my baby's head engaged while I am walking and at some points I feel this sharp pain in my pelvic area, which is probably a proof of the engagement. Will keep walking and hoping for the best.

  • Birthing ball - So I have started to bounce, sit and do round hip movements on my birthing ball. Again no real success yet but it does relieve some of the back pain, which is a great thing.

  • Sex - As Rachel said "You started this, now you finish this!"


  • Exercise in general - I have been trying some squads and 10 mins cardio movements (again it's more similar to actually hippo's dancing than to a regular human exercise but at this point I am ready to try anything)

  • Acupuncture - I have been doing acupuncture on biweekly basis even before I was pregnant as a treatment for my migraines. In general, I am a big believer of acupuncture as it has helped me numerous times. I did acupuncture on Thursday (3 days ago) and asked my acupuncturist to do her magic and get me into labor and a day after (on Friday) I was in the hospital since I felt contractions for the first time!!! yeeeey! So, so far this seems to be like the only thing that actually really got things moving. I have another session tomorrow (on Monday) and already cannot wait.

  • Acupressure - I have not tried this one.

So let's hope that this little bundle of joy will be born in a few days time and then I will share with you what was the thing that actually helped getting me into labor.

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