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Pregnancy and Labor - Checklist

Updated: May 26, 2022

We all love to be organized! Some more than others and I'm definitely and checklist freak.

I grew up with saying ""Never leave to tomorrow that which you can do today" and that's my mantra.

Being pregnant brings a lot of new responsibilities but also things that we all need to do - whether those are all the doctor's appointments or simply stuff that we need to buy before the baby arrives. Some, prefer to deal with the shopping list only once their baby is born - I don't, and therefore I would like to share with you this list that I prepared and worked on throughout my pregnancy.

The list contains categories such as the:

  • general shopping list (divided into musts and nice to have)

  • things to do before child birth (this can defer from country to country and from mom to mom based on your personal perferences)

  • things to do once the baby is born (useful things for multinational couples)

  • and more

Note, that as I live in Israel, some of the purchase links may not be relevant for you, however there are plenty of global websites where you can get these products --> such as on Amazon, iHerb, Next and more.

The list is free and I hope it will serve you well!

Baby checklist
Download XLSX • 39KB

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