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Transferring responsibilities at work

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

A smart woman once told me that despite the fact that it's hard to be transferring your responsibilities to other people, when going on maternity leave, it's something that every woman should focus on doing in her last weeks at work.

This being my first child, I have never been on maternity leave before (obviously) and never have I been in a situation when something that I worked on for months should be transferred to someone else. It's hard for a person to suddenly give up on things they care about and let someone else do them, let someone else take something that you put so much effort into. It's also difficult because in my role, as a partnerships manager, it takes months until your newly closed partners start showing results. What it ultimately means is that you can face a situation when you work on a deal for months and right before the deal is closed you have to transfer it to someone else.

In addition, it's only natural that we all want to feel like we are irreplaceable at work (and at home). There is always going to be the little voice in our head hoping that once we are on maternity leave, the workplace will really miss us and realize how value-able we are to the place. But as I mentioned and as a wise woman once told me, it's important to show how responsible we are as human beings and ensure that things run smoothly once we are on a maternity leave.

Every woman is different, every parent and every child are different too and therefore we all are going to face a different experiences during pregnancy in both professional and personal life. But I want to believe that me doing my best at work now and ensuring that things run smoothly once I give birth will not make my workplace think that I am not needed. The opposite, I want to believe that they will see that even when 9 months pregnant, I still cared about the company and its well-being, that I continued being a team-player and that once I am back they can expect from me great things.

The fact that I will be a new mom shouldn't change the way I am perceived at work.

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