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Week 34. The real game begins

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Despite the fact that I suffered from nausea and vomiting until week 19 on top of which I have been having an extreme low back pain, which often wouldn't allow me to walk properly, I cannot say that I have been having a difficult pregnancy. My moods were constant, I have been able to work and be focused (yes, even though some days I wished I could sleep through the whole day) and I have been feeling overall very positive.

However, in approx week 31 my bump started to really grow. And I mean like really! Approaching the week 34 I have noticed my first stretch marks on the bump and on my breasts as well. To be honest, I have been using an anti-stretch marks cream but haven't applied it on every single day. I just thought maybe I don't need to if no stretch marks showed until now. Well they did and now I am trying to save the situation as much as I can.

But stretch marks haven't been the only thing going sideways this week. I have started to have tummy aches (mainly during the nights), which I am not sure if those are the BH contractions people talk about or just something caused by the expansion of my organs and basically everything inside me. I have been unable to lay down on my side for a long time, because my ribs would hurt too. Our baby girl grew a lot and I can feel how she is fighting for a space inside my body. She kicks and stretches and more and more of those are pointed towards my ribs causing me many times throughout the day to jump or move unexpectedly due to the "pain". I am apostrophising pain cause it does not hurt that bad, it's just really uncomfortable.

Week 34 also means more pressure on my pelvic bones and legs, which for some weird reason brought with it a knee pain causing me to mumble "ay" almost every time I take a step.

Until now I was 100% sure that the first trimester was the toughest one. Now I am starting to understand why people say that the third one is the worst. You are already tired from all the long months of waiting, appointments, fatigue and now the discomfort adds to it as well.

Oh, and this time there is no way I can wear any jeans / trousers so hail queen to all those who manage to still wear pants to work!

My anti-stretch marks cream is from Aniball website

Newly purchased anti-stretch marks oil is from Weleda (so far none of them has brought any positive results)

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